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CompactRIO Courses

CompactRIO Hands on

Trough theoretical courses and Hands on, you can experience the
development process of CompactRIO and the convenience of LabVIEW
graphical development features, understand the basic concepts of FPGA and
real-time operating system in 3 hours. You can also actual operating data
acquisition and FPGA hardware, and complete a full CompactRIO+ HMI
system. The course also provides an opportunity to communicate with senior

•    •Shanghai, Beijing, Sian

CompactRIO and LabVIEW Basic Course

The course using LabVIEW software and CompactRIO hardware to develop industrial
control and monitoring system. Well- designed application based on the CompactRIO
platform consists of three basic parts:
Host program——interact with the user
Control program——real-time data analysis and processing
FPGA program——perform deterministic I/O and control functions

•    • LabVIEW Core 1 and 2 experience programming small to medium LabVIEW applications
You can apply for on-site training if you have CompactRIO hardware

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