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Juxing Instruments Co., Ltd. (VISN) was established in 2004. We provides high quality professional services in design, research and development for test and measurement applications leveraging state-of-the-art commercial products and its own expertise in digital signal processing, radio frequency, sound and vibration, and photonics. VISN is an alliance member of National Instruments

VISN attaches great importance to engineering service quality, and passed ISO-9001 Quality System Accreditation, and also added a number of professional industry associations, such as SCDMA Industry Alliance, EPC Global, DASH 7 Alliance, NFC Forum, China's radio frequency identification (RFID) industrial technology innovation and strategic alliances. VISN is also certified high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.

VISN focused on innovation and breakthrough in the following areas:
Automotive Electronics Test: 
Automotive electronics product testing platform provide a variety of automotive electronic products for functional tests, such as car radio, dashboard, air conditioning controllers, traffic recorder, car amplifier and other products. Support for the product PCB and the whole form of testing. Using CAN or LIN bus and other means of communication, command control of the products tested, the testing process without human involvement, increase reliability and shorten the test cycle. The platform also integrates the complete production process management, such as the production line beat synchronization, product traceability implementation, database records and inquiries.

VISN developed SCDMA mobile phone online testing system, is the first use PXI bus, LabVIEW virtual instrument development platform for mobile phones online testing system, was the first R & D SCDMA mobile phones online testing system of the enterprise.

RF Test: 
VISN RFID test system uses National Instruments ( NI ) of the PXI vector RF modules and FPGA core of the IF module, integrates multiple star self-developed instrument RFID testing software, with built-in RFID protocol stack, able to launch and capture real-time RFID radio frequency communication signals, the RF parameters and a complete analysis of the test protocol parameters. The modular system combines advanced radio technology equipment and software to support a variety of RFID international standards such as ISO 14443 , ISO 15693 , ISO 18000-3 , ISO 18000-6 , EPC Class 1 Generation 2 and so on.

Company Objectives